An incredible turn of events from a beginning of a tumultuous week comes to a journey that "out of nowhere" due to many steps taken and the perseverance of the smallest hope of success an internet child was born.

For the past few years, my wife has been tirelessly chopping away at a keyboard to obtain her bachelor's degree in graphic design.  There were many days where the willingness to achieve, out of the wee hours of the evening and into the night, was not always there. I watched her struggle, cry, quit, fail, obtain extra credit, smile, fail, sleep, try again, scream, laugh, bleed, draw, bleed some more, amaze, smile, and finally obtain a 3.0 while struggling to raise our 3 beautiful bright frustrating angels in disguise.

Her first graphic design job was at a design firm that was an interesting mix of fun and challenging for her first foray into the graphics world of custom website design.  Heck, she even got me into the programming side taking her designs slicing (because I'm old school and wanted to take more hours than I had the right to) and creating some pretty impressive websites.  That was an interesting time in the world of CMS.

t the time she didn't quite have the design experience to perform at the speed which was required and in the field of custom website design; the field was already starting to become saturated by graphic designers aplenty. With all the "fun" teaching moments of hard-earned life experience (that I suppose is a right of passage when it comes to job loss ..._darn no more HOV lane_), she realized that she wanted a diploma to help broaden her design horizon.  In a saturated industry of off-shore design firms, in-shore graduates, and all of the artists that have pioneered the industry it is general practice (_at least by my understanding_) to get a piece of card stock that came with "healthy debt".  All things considered, it was a pretty good plan for how things came about.  Throughout the entire time while she was working steadily towards the end goal of graduating she was putting her resume in front of decision makers within design firms to no avail.

Like many men before me, I tried my hardest to help her understand, breathe, and for many years learn that it takes but just a little effort and a lot of faith that something will work if "one works hard enough".  Emotionally it is hard to cope with the fact that one has to "try and try again" as I once heard from my betters and I will never begrudge her the tear-stained shirts.  Pithy statements like, "If you first don't succeed, try try again" (I clearly wanted to hold on to this grandstand far too long), do not always help but I suppose when an individual "_gets it_" it is a breath of fresh air; an incredible lift of the shoulders.

Here I sit in front of my makeshift computer desk (because foldable tables do technically work _shout out to the mom for long term loan_) I am completely blown away a week after the very first sale .I'm talking about the turn around time of, she spent 1 hour to put a few designs up on a fantastic platform and shirt print shop and no kidding a sale went through the same day.

From that first sale to now she has succeeded in surpassing $100 in revenue.  This is the first of many.  The company was born.  Here is to the ladies that believe in something.  Cheers to those who struggle and succeed; no matter how big or small.

The smile on a woman's face is alluring when she hears, "Baby, you just started a company and already knocked it out of the park."

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